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How can I watch NFL for free?

If you have a TV, you can watch network television for free in the US. But you won’t get the show in HD that way. You’ll need an HD cable box and an HD service plan.
On the internet, you can find several games that are free. Visit the websites of the different networks, such as,,, and
As some other answerers said, you can also watch games for free at a sports pub.

What is the best website to stream NFL football?

As long as you have a cable subscription, NFL Mobile lets you access NFL RedZone. Especially in foreign nations where there is little chance of locating a sports bar showing American football games, I have used it numerous times to watch games while traveling.

Unfortunately, live-streaming NFL games are still not entirely legal. They are edging closer to that goal, and this year they even live broadcast a game on Yahoo! (a Buffalo Bills game).

They will arrive eventually, especially as cord-cutting becomes more and more popular. Most NFL games are currently broadcast on FOX, CBS, and NBC, which are free, non-cable TV networks, so there is no urgency.
(And yes, I believe you were inquiring about less-than-perfect live-streaming techniques. It has been done before, but suffice it to say that the quality is typically so poor that it is not worthwhile. I suggest NFL RedZone because you can watch other games for a reasonable price and at least your favorite team will be partially covered regardless of where you live.

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